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Our shop is located within the mountains that remain a classic view of old Kyoto and Japan. We service you with one of the most important flavoring ingredients in Japanese cooking. Miso. In the near future we have plans to offer taste testing of miso soup. Please see the details for a more specific explanation on miso)

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The miso of Miso-an has always been made as it was traditionally with quality only using the ingredients soy, salt and Koji (rice malt). Almost all of the work preparing this miso is done by hand without any machinery. The workers are at one with the miso when making the valuable substance which is only prepared once a year for the winter settling. Mass production of miso is not possible, but we take pride in being able to deliver delicious miso to all of our customers. We also carry seasonally limited Japanese pickles and miso. Please feel free to have a taste.

* Miso is prepared by steaming soy or rice with barley and adding salt and Koji (rice malt) and letting it ferment. Japanese cooking can't go without miso soup which is the most popular miso prepared dish. An ingredient a dinner table of a Japanese family can't go without.

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31 Kusao-cho, Ohara, Sakyo-ku Kyoto City 601-1248

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Matured aged miso


15 mins. on foot from "Ohara" Stop on the Kyoto Bus No. 17 or 18
15 mins. by car from Kokusai Kaikan Stn. on the Subway Karasuma Line



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