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Kyoto Kiyomizu TATSUMIYA



The long standing Kimono shop, TATSUMIYA is located along Higashioji-dori street in the sightseeing area of Higashiyama where you can find famous temples such as Kiyomizu-dera temple and Kōdai-ji temple.

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The traditional clothing of Japan is the Kimono.
How about experiencing the authentic and traditional beauty of Japanese Kimono? Right here in Kyoto which has a history of 130 years in the making.
You may find that you need a little courage to go into a kimono shop, but here at TATSUMIYA, we are always conscious of greeting all our customers with warm hospitality whether you are a local or just a visitor to this country. We have a wide selection of not only high quality Kimono and Yukata (Japanese traditional summer robe), but Japanese patterned bags, corsages and accessories suitable for western clothing as well. In most cases the Please don't hesitate to drop by.

Kimono shop

Kyoto Kiyomizu TATSUMIYA




10:00am - 8:00pm (Spring & Fall Busy seasons: open till 9:00pm)


111 Tatsumi-cho, Higashioji-dori Matsubara agaru, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto City 605-0855

Tel No.


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Credit cards

most major credit cards accepted
Credit cards only accepted with a purchase of 3000 Yen or more.

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Travelers checks

not accepted


Offers when you purchase a ready made Kimono at TATSUMIYA. (Depending on your purchase)
*Kimono dressing that day
*Dressing service on other days
*Walking tour around Kiyomizu-dera temple in a Kimono!
*Take home your purchase on the day.

At Tastumiya of Kyoto, we offer accessories at inexpensive prices.
Prices are non-negotiable.


A selection of Yuzen dyed Kimono (A Japanese dyeing method to design Kimono)
Weaved Kimono
Obi (Belt worn around the waist to hold Kimono in place)
Accessories (Japanese patterned bags, Hair accessories, Tabi (Formal socks when wearing a Kimono))
Polyester Kimono and Obi Etc.

Recommended merchandise

*Full Kimono set (Polyester): 23,350 Yen - 21,000 Yen (Must make purchase of over 22,000 Yen if you are paying with a credit card)

Includes: Kimono, Obi (Belt), Juban (Slip warm under Kimono), Tabi (Formal socks) and all other necessary accessories for dressing.

*Full Yukata set: 8,500 Yen - 7,500 Yen (Must make purchase of over 8,000 Yen if you are paying with a credit card)
Includes: Yukata, Half size Obi, Geta (Traditional Japanese wooden clogs) and all other necessary accessories for dressing.
(We especially have a wide selection in the summer)


1 min. from "Kiyomizu-michi" stop on the Kyoto City bus and Keihan bus. (Just East of the bus stop)



Nearby tourist attractions

Kiyomizu-dera Temple, Kōdai-ji Temple, Yasaka-jinja Shrine

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