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KYOTO HANDICRAFT CENTER is a great facility for people all around the world to get a hands-on experience of Japanese culture and tradition. There are many services available that a foreign tourist would appreciate such as foreign currency exchange, sightseeing guides, internet access and friendly English speaking staff are always ready to help on every floor!

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Duty Free Stores 1F - 7F
From traditional handicrafts, Kimono, to English books, Kyoto Handicraft Center has a variety of Japanese merchandise for travelers from abroad to enjoy. Unlike other shops you may come across during your stay, Handicraft Center carries large sizes for many of their products such as T-shirts, even Japanese style slippers.

Hands-on classes 7F
Whether you are by yourself, or want to enjoy it with a small group, Kyoto Handicraft Center has over 10 hands-on experience classes you can casually participate in. Each class will take about 30 minutes to an hour.

Craftsmanship demonstration 3F - 4F, 7F
Here you can see a live demonstration of authentic Japanese-style craftsmanship such as Zōgan aka "Marquetry" (inlaying pieces of shaped gold and silver into a metal based template) and Mokuhanga (Wood block printing).

Restaurants & Cafés
The buffet style restaurant is located on the 2nd floor is available from 12:00pm – 2:00pm. Cafés, other small restaurants and places where you can enjoy dessert are on the 7th floor. There are also computers with English Windows accessed to the internet are on this floor which is available for use from 10:00am - 5:00pm (charges apply)

Tourist service
Foreign money exchange (1F - 7F), Sightseeing guides are also readily available for your convenience.

Duty free shopping & Cultural Experience





10:00am - 7:00pm


21 Entomi-cho Shogo-in, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto City 606-8323

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all major credit cards accepted

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Additional services

"EN-YA" (Handicraft making classroom) located on the 7th floor.
-Kyoto Cloisonne: Take 10 colors of your choice to fill in a metal base template and bake it in a kiln, and you'll have your own original cloisonné pendant or keychain to take home!
-Wood block painting: color 6 of the different wood block templates with colors of your choice. Press them onto your painting and you'll have another beautiful piece of woodblock art that you can take home.
Other than that, Handicraft center offers 10 different hands-on activities that you can participate in such as making your own original Kyoto-style fan, incense pouch and much more!

Recommended merchandise

Kimono & Yukata (Traditional Japanese Robes)
Kids to Adult sizes available from 2,000 Yen

Swords (decorative) from 5,000 Yen


10 mins. on foot from "Jingu-Marutamachi" Stn. on the Keihan Main Line
15 mins. on foot from "Higashiyama" Stn. on the Subway Tōzai Line

From Kyoto station:
1 min. on foot from "Kumanojinja-mae" Stop on the City Bus No. 206 bound for Kitaōji bus terminal.
Get on at gate D2 from Kyoto station bus terminal.

From Shijō Kawaramachi:
1 min. on foot from "Kumanojinja-mae" stop on the City Bus No. 31, 201 or 203. (about a 10 min. bus ride)



Nearby tourist attractions

Heian-jingu Shrine

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