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The MAMARO style. Smooth curry soup and chunky fresh veggies and meat! Energizing spices and healthy ingredients will keep you going. Enjoy delicious Mamaro style curry and friendly service.

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There are lots of ways to enjoy soup curry. You think that dumping the curry soup all over your rice is the only way; well it is the most common way. But since MAMARO's soup is so light and smooth, the curry will run right through. Try Scooping up some rice with your spoon and dip it into the curry soup or try the vegetables and meat on its own and then enjoy the soup curry. Alternation! Eat a little bit of rice, eat a little curry. Whatever way you try, you will always feel the thought and heart put into the taste of MAMARO's soup curry.

Soup Curry Restaurant





11:30am - 11:30pm (Last order: 11:00pm)


2-255 Demizu-cho, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto City 602-0862

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Soup Curry:
Veggie Veggie - a simple curry soup with big chunky vegetables (780 Yen)
Chicken - Healthy simmered chicken soup (880 Yen)
Pork (Kakuni) - Simmered pork soft and tasty. You just can't get enough (930 Yen)
Mix - the best of both worlds. Chicken and Pork (1,000 Yen)
Cheese okra and nato (fermented soybeans) - sticky, slimy texture. Goes well with the soup. (950 Yen)
Tenderloin cutlet – Crispy crunchy outside, soft, tender juice meat on the inside. (1,000 Yen)
Seafood - a Bouillabaisse taste (seafood stew recipe originating from France) (1,480 Yen)
Cabbage, Sausage and Tofu soup curry - Great for kids or those who don't like spicy food. (900 Yen)

* Choose from 3 levels of spiciness according to your preference!

Side Menu:

Spicy Chicken & Fries (500 Yen)
Shrimp cheese spring rolls & Fries (500 Yen)
Fries (300 Yen)
MAMARO salad (390 Yen)

Try our homemade healthy Japanese sweets from MAMARO.

Tofu gelatin w/ brown sugar syrup (500 Yen)
Warabi mochi (sticky bracken cake) w/ red bean (500 Yen)

Recommended dishes

Soup Curry:
Veggie Veggie - a simple curry soup with big chunky vegetables (780 Yen)

MAMARO's popular specialty drink:
Rich royal milk bubble tea (550 Yen)

Vegetarian / Vegan



5 mins. on foot from Marutamachi Stn. on the Keihan Main Line
12 mins. on foot from Marutamachi Stn. on the Subway Karasuma Line



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