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Here at Konjaku, we service you outstanding Kyoto cuisine with the best of every season. We are located along the man-made extension of the Kamo river, surrounded by significant historical landmarks such as the grand Shinto gates of Heian-jingu shrine, Nanzen-ji temple, the Pathway of Philosophy and Chion-in temple. Enjoy the beauty of every season. Cherry blossoms in the spring, natural energizing greenery in the summer, the colorful autumn foliage, and the blanket of gentle snowfall in the winter. Share the best of the seasons with us.

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We welcome you to Konjaku with a variety of dishes to choose from on the menu.
Like silk on the tongue, the boiled tofu set, "Yudōfu Teishoku" using the famed nanzen-ji tofu. The "Nishin soba", is rich udon noodles placed on the sweet yet spicy simmered herring treat. The chewy deliciously flavoured udon "Kyo-udon" is served in a Japanese broth. "Shiki gozen" is prepared with the freshest ingredients, incorporated with the inspiration of the 4 seasons of Kyoto. The restaurant interior is decorated with a line of traditional artwork of Kyoto, such as "hari-e" where delicate Nishijin-ori fabric is used. Enjoy not just the food, but the atmosphere as you may almost mistake it for an actual photograph or feel like you've taken a step into an art gallery.

Japanese Cuisine





11:30am - 9:00pm (Last Order: 8:00pm)


5-85 Enshoji-cho, Okazaki, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto City 606-8344

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Yudōfu (Boiled tofu)
Kyoto cuisine special
Generally all Japanese cuisine

Recommended dishes

Yudōfu Teishoku (Boiled tofu set) 1,790 Yen
Yudōfu Kaiseki (Boiled tofu course set) 2,950 Yen
Tempura Kaiseki (Tempura course set) 2,950 Yen
*Reservations for course sets for two or more people must be made at least 3 days in advance. The course set includes Sashimi (raw fish)
Course set may be unavailable depending on ingredient supply. The regular set is available anytime.

Shabu-shabu: 4,800 Yen/ person
Sukiyaki: 3,800 Yen/ person

Vegetarian / Vegan

not available


5 min. on foot from Higashiyama Stn. on the Subway Tōzai Line



Nearby tourist attractions

Nanzen-ji Temple, Heian-jingu Shrine, Chion-in Temple, Pathway of Philosophy

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