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Ceramic Grilled Kyoto Duck and Seasonal Vegetables

Ponto-cho HANAMAI Dee



Enjoy original cuisine in the middle of Ponto-cho prepared with delicious Kyoto duck, fresh fish and ceramic grilled vegetables.

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We offer dishes prepared with fresh seasonal ingredients gathered personally by our store manager, sure to satisfy your taste buds.
Starting with Kyoto duck, then Matsutake mushrooms, Conger eel and chestnuts of the Fall, a familiar taste to any Kyoto-ite. Not to forget the freshly picked seasonal Kyoto vegetables. Seasoning, such as miso, salt, soy sauce and sake is also carefully selected from traditional manufactures.

Ceramic Grilled Kyoto Duck and Seasonal Vegetables

Ponto-cho HANAMAI Dee




5:00pm - 3:00am (Last Order: 2:00am)


2F 3-137 Wakamatsu-cho, Pontocho-dori Sanjo sagaru, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto City 604-8011

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- Ceramic Grilled Kyoto Duck
- Original Kyoto Duck Dishes (Kyoto Duck seasoned with special salt, Soy sauce and other flavoring methods after much trial and error)
- Original Kyoto Tofu Skin Dishes (Enjoy Rich Tofu skin or fresh thin Tofu skin.)
- Tofu dishes prepared with 100% domestic soy beans
- A la carte and seasonal vegetables (Prepared with fresh seasonal ingredients harvested by personally connected farmers, farms in Ohara, Tango and Tanba of Kyoto. Whether it be a small dish or a salad, safe and delicious, healthy cuisine)
Please enjoy our variety of seasonal Kyoto ingredients.

A selection of locally brewed Kyoto Sake.
Locally brewed wine also goes well with the food.

Recommended dishes

*Recommended Autumn Course* 5,250 Yen
Appetizer (Differs upon ingredient stock)
Hors d’oeuvres - Tofu skin
- Chestnut dish
- Kyoto duck
- Fu (wheat cake)
Seasonal simmered dish
Matsutake mushroom Tempura
Steamed Kyoto duck thigh and Autumn vegetable rice
Original Miso soup
Assorted Kyoto pickles
Seasonal vegetable dessert

Assorted trio of Ceramic grilled Kyoto Duck (Prided Kyoto duck dish flavored in Soy sauce or Miso) 1,890 Yen
Ceramic grilled Matsutake mushrooms 1,575 Yen

Vegetarian / Vegan



*Cover charge: 500 Yen

Traditionally steamed polished rice brought in directly from contracted farmers


3 mins. on foot from Sanjo Stn. on the Keihan Main Line
5 mins. on foot from Kawaramachi Stn. on the Hankyū Line



Nearby tourist attractions

The Kaburenjō theatre, Pontochō, Kennin-ji Temple, Yasaka-jinja Shrine, The Minamiza Theatre

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